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Our consultancy services support both council staff and councillors in:

  • Understanding community needs in depth by means of community surveys
  • Developing strategies which meet community needs cost-effectively
  • Making key decisions concerning community services and the use of council budgets
  • Undertaking key activities such as planning, budgeting, financial appraisals, tender management, innovative service delivery design, and recruitment of key staff
  • Reviewing staffing structures, defining roles, and developing key skills
  • Ensuring best practice processes, IT systems and procedures are in place to enable a council to fulfil its obligations effectively while minimising risk

Our services are practical and cost-effective, whilst at the same time rigorous and based on best practice.

Please contact us to discuss your detailed needs: we will normally quote a fixed fee for the work in question, and agree a timescale and outputs to meet your specific requirements.

Budget Preparation

Service Delivery Design

Key Staff Recruitment

Best Practice Processes, IT Systems, & Procedures

Our Latest News

LGRC Appoints New General Manager

LGRC is pleased to welcome David Mcknight who joins us on 1st September as Company General Manager. David will pick up responsibility for working with clients and associates to set up and manage new assignments and administer  the company on a day to day basis. David has a strong background in business and the third sector including experience in managing consultancy operations. His experience within the Local Council Sector was formed as economic development manager for Melksham Town Council.

David is based in North Yorkshire which will also provide a focal point for developing LGRC operations in the north and we are now seeking additional applications from associates based north of Birmingham.

David’s arrival will create capacity for company directors Nick & Wendy Randle to undertake further development work for the company. This will include launching new outsource products and further developing the associate training programme in the months ahead.

One of the benefits to arise from the difficult months of CoVid Lockdown has been the adoption of new technology  for remote working. This has helped us to ensure that the best skills available  around the country can be brought to bear  to address client problems.  We hope to continue to use remote working tools to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our clients.