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LGRC, working with a range of Partners, is staging a new one day EXPO for the Local Council Sector on 9th September at Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa. We aim to provide an opportunity for Clerks and Councillors to see the complete range of products and services that a Council might need, all in one place. If you will be looking for a supplier of anything from tractors to IT equipment, or signage to stationery, in the next year or two this is the ideal place to start. If you need to review your banking or insurance, or create a new website, we expect all the major players to be here.

We plan to have up to 100 exhibitors across 6 main themes:

  • Professional Services
  • Finance Services
  • Council Management and Administration
  • Environment and Street Scene
  • Outdoor Services
  • Events and Promotion

There will also be a rolling programme of demonstrations so that you can see some of the latest products in action throughout the day.

In addition, we will provide a programme of presentations, static displays and ‘surgeries’ that will cover a wide range of current and important topics relating to products and services, including such things as:

  • The 21st Century Council office and meeting space, featuring all the best technology working together to simplify the council’s work
  • Managing Devolved Services from principal councils
  • Latest Grounds Maintenance techniques
  • Creating an attractive Street Scene
  • Tools for Community Interaction
  • How to manage a successful Council Procurement.

And much more…

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If you are interested in exhibiting at the EXPO, please call us on 01404 45973 for further information, or email us at