The Local Government Resource Centre exists to provide hands-on support for councils through developing consultancy, training and outsourcing services specifically aimed at the Local Council Sector. We are the only company providing such services who are entirely focused on the Local Council Sector.

LGRC Staff and Associates are well rooted in the sector. We have many years of experience of managing and running Councils and a deep understanding of the current issues and concerns at a Council level through to implementing sector-wide policy.

LGRC recognises that the key sector bodies, The National Association of Local Councils, The County Associations of Local Councils, and the Society of Local Council Clerks all have important roles to play in supporting councils and developing the capacity of councils as they take on increasingly complex roles. LGRC does not seek to cut across the role of any of these sector bodies and takes steps as a matter of policy, to avoid doing so. Indeed LGRC has capabilities that it believes are complementary to and supportive of those sector bodies and it seeks opportunities to work in partnership with them whenever this is appropriate.

None of the sector bodies provides a dedicated consultancy or outsourcing programme and LGRC seeks to provide that capacity within the sector. All sector bodies undertake training and the National Training Strategy provides an important framework for comprehensive training to take place. LGRC seeks to develop a training capability only in areas where existing provision does not exist or is difficult for sector bodies to develop such as, for example, in the area of IT. We hope to provide additional training capacity in these areas so that we can work in partnership with sector bodies to provide a wider and deeper training menu for Councils to choose from.

LGRC is always open to partnership working with sector bodies and will actively pursue such partnerships on the basis of combining available complementary strengths and skills to achieve the highest quality outcomes for Councils.