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Our consultancy services support both council staff and councillors in:

  • Understanding community needs in depth by means of community surveys
  • Developing strategies which meet community needs cost-effectively
  • Making key decisions concerning community services and the use of council budgets
  • Undertaking key activities such as planning, budgeting, financial appraisals, tender management, innovative service delivery design, and recruitment of key staff
  • Reviewing staffing structures, defining roles, and developing key skills
  • Ensuring best practice processes, IT systems and procedures are in place to enable a council to fulfil its obligations effectively while minimising risk

Our services are practical and cost-effective, whilst at the same time rigorous and based on best practice.

Please contact us to discuss your detailed needs: we will normally quote a fixed fee for the work in question, and agree a timescale and outputs to meet your specific requirements.

Budget Preparation

Service Delivery Design

Key Staff Recruitment

Best Practice Processes, IT Systems, & Procedures

Our Latest News

LGRC in 2018

LGRC enters 2018 in very good shape.

We are working on two significant development assignments in connection with Local Government reorganization in Dorset.

We also have a number of long and short term locum assignments around the country and a range of consultancy projects including staffing reviews, job evaluations, developing strategic plans and providing whole council training.

In 2018 we will be seeking to expand our Associate database to meet increasing demand particularly for skilled and flexible Locums who are able to problem solve for councils in difficulty.

Nick Randle